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The Margolius Family. The Margolius family has a strong Washington history devoted to real estate, the law and local philanthropy. The patriarch of the family Bernard Margolius (1913-2010) was the Principal Assistant United States Attorney for the District of Columbia in the 1940s. He continued on to private practice. Philip N. Margolius had an opportunity to watch his father and it inspired him to practice law. Jennifer Margolius Fisher was inspired by both her father Phil and grandfather Bernie, and she too ventured into law, becoming a partner at the Margolius Law Firm, LLP. Philip Margolius and Jennifer Margolius Fisher, are the central points of contact for all of the firm’s legal practice.

A short time after Phil took over his father’s legal practice, Bernie ventured into the hotel business. The Margolius family has owned hotels, many in the Washington DC area, for more than forty years. Alan M. Margolius, also inspired by his father, Bernie, ventured into the hotel business. In mid-2009, Alan joined Phil and Jennifer to expand the Margolius Firm’s real estate development and management business.

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